Saturday, December 22, 2012


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Friday, November 30, 2012

D.C. on four wheels, or 6

One of the most entertaining thing about living where we do is the privilege of visiting our nation's capitol often! A lot of things in Washington D.C. are free and the city is just fascinating. It is beautiful and brings such pride in my heart when I visit there (however disappointed I am in our country's choice of leaders...yes I am still bitter).

Chris and I got this new toy this past summer and Miles hasn't been big enough to take him very often this year, but even the few rides we were able to take were worth it and made us excited for next year. Our family went in and rode around the mall earlier this year (we forgot the camera) before attending the BYU vs. George Washington women's volleyball game. It was a really fun day.

I LOVE Miles's Face in this one! Just getting set for take off.

The kiddos and I enjoying our lunch.

One of my new favorite pictures! This was a fun day with my little kids!

This ride was a great one also. Chris was at work and Rachel had the day off. I can't remember why, Columbus Day or something? Rachel and I packed up a lunch, drove to Chris's work, where we parked the car and grabbed the jeep with all of our bikes on the rack, then headed into the National Capitol! We drove around for quite a while trying to find a parking space, but we finally came upon one which happened to be a wonderful spot. We got our bikes all rigged up and after messing with a broken gear and a chain falling off, we rode out on a BeAuTiFuL autumn day in November. We stopped at the Botanical Gardens to eat our lunch. Lydia was thrilled to walk through the "jungle" to use the restrooms. Lydia was much better sitting with Miles than the last time we took her. Miles started to get tired toward the end and was getting frustrated that he could not sleep, so we decided to head back. It certainly was a trip to remember. We enjoyed the reactions we got from all of the Asian tourists. For some reason they all (every where we went) thought the bike trailer was something pretty nifty.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Family Fun

 This was one of the couple outings we got to do while the weather was still beautiful. We spent a Sunday afternoon picnicking at a battlefield park and playing bochi ball while the kids ran around, rode bikes in the parking lot, and played. It was a wonderful evening and everyone had lots of fun. These are the things I love most about being at home. We can get together and do fun things like this often. Sure makes me long for my whole family to be close together so we can all do it. It also does make me miss Matt and Kelly and their family! We did things with them often and it was so much fun.

She probably made the best throw of the night here.....Go Rachel!

What a cute kid!!

he's kinda standing funny..hahah but Gabe is such a fun little guy.

Gabe and Lydia getting mark, getting set, Going!


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Failed Attempt

Ever make plans that didn't turn out?
This was one of THOSE days.....
We had intended to go to DC and canoe down a canal off of the Potomac River. We decided Miles was still a little too young to take on a canoe, so back up plan, we decided to go to the Potomac Nationals Baseball game. We invited Nicolette and Ryan to come with us since we had some free tickets. Soon as we pulled in to the ball park, Lydia had fallen asleep in the car and it was down pouring outside. Not the best for going to a baseball game.

Sooooo we drove home and spent the evening there instead....

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sunday Afternoon

 It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon. The kids looked so darling for church, Miles hit his seven month mark so I needed to take pictures any way, so I just took some cute pictures of the two of them, and actually one with me in there with my cute little stinkers!! I just love looking over their cute little faces and capturing a piece of their little personalities while they grow.

Right about now is when the dogs next door started barking....he was impossible after that.....

I will admit that I get overwhelmed at times. I wonder how other moms always seem so calm. I wonder if it is possible to manage more children, and how other ladies do it with (what I guess seems like) such ease!? But then there are times that are sweeter than sugar itself and I am humbled at the thought that I am a mother of two great, fun, beautiful children! I  try not to get so anxious about the future because I know that worrying is really quite pointless, but I can't help but sometimes feel like their childhoods are sprinting across my heart, leaving only footprints behind. I hope for such good things for them and I want to give them all of what I know and all that I am, and yet I feel like it is impossible to give them everything I would like. I guess that is when we rely on our Savior. We teach the best that we know how, and hope that it is enough; have faith that it is enough.

Baby Boy Seven Months

Miles Matthew Bennett
Seven Months Old
 Miles just turned Seven Months old. He is so excited at the new things that he has discovered:

Two new teeth (bottom)
Grabbing everything in front of him
Eating a bigger variety of foods (He hardly drinks his bottle any more, so I've started even just grinding up things that we are having at dinner and feeding it to him.)
Still endures a cough....? Wish he'd get over that!
Is a VERY light sleeper! But seems to sleep better with background noise.
CANNOT keep a shoe on his left foot.
Has had his first haircut!
Takes about three naps a day.
Loves music.
Loves jumping!
Loves bath time!
Uses the toilet almost every day.
Still loves to cuddle. Sleeps much better when snuggled up with someone...this is always fun, but unfortunate at the same time....
He will let you know if he is ready or not for nap time. Usually if he is going to take a nap, he is happy as can be to lay down in his crib and drift off shortly. If he is not wanting to sleep, he will not give in easily and it is best to figure out what it is he really needs.
He definitely know how to say, "Da-da."  (although he doesn't associate with anything yet.) And he really loves saying it! He also like "Ta-ta-ta-ta..."
Loves getting spoken to or played with or any kind of attention (getting looked at...)

I just LOVE LOVE LOVE him and I feel so happy to have him in our family! He really adds so much! His facial expressions will tell you story and you won't want to take your eyes off of him!

Sad day! Since he hasn't had many of his immunizations, he got three in this leg.

And two in this one...
 He was very cute at the doctor's office. Lydia, of course, talked the Doctor's ear off. Miles was hesitant the whole time and wasn't a big fan of the whole thing. It just about brought me to tears when he had to get his shots. After the first stick, he just looked at me, didn't cry yet, just looked at me as if to say, "You have a part in this???" and then with the second prick, he cried....and continued to, but not for long after I was finally able to pick him back up. I just felt so terrible, like I had betrayed him or something.. :(
He is in the 50th percentile for weight at 18 lbs.
The 20th percentile for height at ....shoot, I can't remember....

He is really getting stronger in his legs. Aunt Rachel is pretty much his girlfriend right now....

He is getting good at moving one foot in front of the other! Slow Down there Kid!

Just thought he'd shed the jack and settle in for a nice Sunday nap.

He has got to be the most handsome little boy in the world! Don't tell me you don't just want to kiss those darling little cheeks!!!

Pals in the Making

 Miles is finally getting bigger to where he can hold his own much better around his big sister! I am so so happy for this! It really was a struggle to have to constantly keep an eye on these two when they were together. Lydia is changing a lot as well recently and she is being much more self aware. She's maturing a little bit and recognizing things that blew right past her a short time ago.

This was a very cute scene. Miles was actually very into the story time, but he looked up at me for a brief second.

Lydia is very good at making up stories for him, and he LOVES it!

Its Autumn Time in Virginia

 Autumn time has got to be my most favorite season probably! I just love everything about it! I love the colors, the smells, the chill air, the spices, the apples, the pumpkins, the leaves, the clothes, the Holidays coming on, soups and breadsticks...everything! I just love the falling of the leaves.

Lydia was a good helper for Grandma and Grandpa when they raked the leaves.

She helped put them in the bag too...

This was a separate occasion. Chris and I raked a LARGE pile and buried all four of them in it! Can you find them? (Wyatt, Lilly, Ewan, Lydia)

Halloween Night 2012

 We have such a fun tradition on Halloween to invite the cul-de-sac over to our front place for a HalloWEENER Roast! :) This year was a great time! Neighbors came and sat around and visited while kids ran around and played and we handed out candy to trick-or-treaters. Then we went inside put the kids down in bed and came back out to visit and chat some more by the fires! It was very relaxing and lots of fun to get to know our neighbors a little bit better. I had to leave for my last volleyball game of the season (just varsity left playing). They lost and I came back to everyone still out chatting! I thought for sure with kids, they would have all gone in, but that is when I found both of my children sound in bed...I was impressed with my Hunners!

Lilly and Lydia in matching Little Bo Peep (shepherd girls) costumes.

Sitting by the fire protecting her sheep

She would not wear her own bonnet after Lilly offered her hers!

Cute Little Bo Peep

Chris carved the Mocking Jay and I did the 'ol traditional Jack O Lantern

Aren't they an adorable pair?!

Ring Around the Rosies! (Lydia, Ewan, Lilly, + sheep)

Chris's other two pumpkins. If you were wondering...that's Woody.

Lydia and cute little Ewan.

Just playin.

Keeping warm by the fire.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Prince William Trunk or Treat

Toy Story Family

We had a great time at the Prince William Ward Trunk - or- Treat.  With a make shift Buzz Lightyear ( I still wish he could've waited for me to help him attach all his pieces to his clothes...), a storybook Little Bo Peep, Woody with a hat I made too small, and a Jessie with homemade wig, we managed to receive the "Best Costume" Award!
I made some Pumpkin Crunch and it ended up taking the "Best Dessert" Award.
Lydia was exhausted before the night was through and we all had a great time!

Sheriff Woody and Kent Clark. Best pals.


Father Time and Mother Nature. Check out their awesome trunk! They were given the "Most Creative" Award.

Enjoying her candy already. Don't worry, this was only one of her three pieces I said she could have.

"Ah! There's a snake in my boot!"

The Whole Family Group

She's just cute. No matter what she's wearing!

That's all folks.